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We cover the following areas:

  • Creditors Voluntary Liquidation
    • Creditors’ voluntary liquidation (or CVL) is where a company is insolvent and the shareholders decide to place the company into liquidation, however the company’s creditors effectively control the company in CVL. Once the liquidation is complete the company closes.
  • Members Voluntary Liquidation
    • Members’ voluntary liquidation differs from creditors’ voluntary liquidation in that the company is solvent. The shareholders of the company appoint an insolvency practitioner to act as liquidator so as to realise the company’s assets, pay off any debts and ultimately close the company.
  • Company Administration
    • Company administration is used in an effort to save a company. The company is placed under the control of an insolvency practitioner, and is protected from legal proceedings by the Court, who runs the company so as to put it into a better position to allow the company to continue to trade, rather than having to enter into liquidation.
  • Company Voluntary Arrangements
    • A company voluntary arrangement (or CVA) is used to create a plan to pay or secure debts owed to creditors and to allow the company to continue trading. The plan has to be approved by the creditors.